Service Conditions

Dear Authorized,
In the case that our offer is approved by the parties, the offer of service activities will be accepted by SABANCI ÜNİVERSİTESİ İNOVENT FİKRİ MÜLKİYET HAKLARI YÖNETİM TİCARET ve YATIRIM A.Ş., our technology commercialization company, which is a contractual and commercial relationship partner of Sabancı University (Tax Office of Tuzla and Tax no of 4650296747). Sabancı Üniversitesi İnovent Fikri Mülkiyet Hakları Yönetim Ticaret Ve Yatırım A.Ş. guarantees that the demanded services subject to the offer will be handled by the SABANCI UNIVERSITY INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES RESEARCH and APPLICATION CENTER (SU IMC) infrastructure and the related faculty member.
We thank you for your interest to work with our university in the base of research cooperatio and present our service conditons in below:
•    Our offer is valid for 30 (thirty) days.
•    Prices quoted in our offer do not include VAT and other tax cuts.
•    For the training and consultancy service offers, you will additionally receive “Appendix-A Training/Consultancy Service Terms” which needs to be filled and signed.
•    After the legal proposal has been approved by your side, your requested service will be provided, your invoice will be generated and forwarded to you.
•    Your payment needs to be done to below given SABANCI ÜNİVERSİTESİ İNOVENT FİKRİ MÜLKİYET HAKLARI YÖNETİM TİCARET VE YATIRIM A.Ş. accounts within 15 (fifteen) working days of receiving your invoice. The bank transfer costs incurred during the payment belong to your party.

Bank Name                : AKBANK
Account No ( TL )       : 109323  /  IBAN : TR64 0004 6007 1388 8000 1093 23
Account No ( USD )    : 109324  /  IBAN : TR85 0004 6007 1300 1000 1093 24
Account No ( EUR )    : 109325  /  IBAN : TR35 0004 6007 1303 6000 1093 25
•    Your samples must comply with the related international test standard, otherwise they will not be accepted.
•    The service period starts after we receive your sample and approve that they are appropriate.
•    If you want to change your request after your service has been started, we need to receive your written declaration of your amendment request and acceptance of the price difference that may occur. The difference in price due to this amendment will be invoiced to you.
•    If the service is canceled by your party after the service has been already started, all the service cost of SU IMC until your cancelation date will be charged to you.
•    If the national/international testing standard for the service is not specified, it will be carried out in accordance with your written declaration which defines your requested “customer method”. This detail is presented in the “Explanation” field of the Annex-2.
•    It is your responsibility to pack, transport and handle the sample until the sample reachs to SU IMC and accepted by SU IMC Technical Staff. Because of these factors, SU IMC can not be held responsible for any problems that may occur your service output.
•    Customer samples delivered to our laboratory shall be scrapped if not received by your party within 30 days after the date of our test completion notification. Costs incurred in the event of special scrap /clearance operation belong to your party.
•    Your submitted test reports are not interpreted by our academicians unless specifically requested by your party. The test results from our devices are presented as raw data. SU IMC can not be held responsible for the risks associated with the use of raw data.
•    If the academician comment is requested along with your test report, then this service is invoiced separately.
•    SU IMC can not be held responsible for the risks that the test results/sample or the prototype product may cause during your activities and/or during the use of the end customer.
•    If you request a “Declaration of Conformity”, you must clearly state your declaration of conformity request and the relevant document (specification / standard and decision rule) in the “Other Explanations” field of the Request Details page of the Service Request Form on SuimcApp and contact to Customer Relations.
•    SU IMC is responsible, through legally enforceable commitments, for the management of all information obtained or created during the performance of SU IMC activities. SU IMC will inform the customer in advance, of the information it intends to place in the public domain. Except for information that the customer makes publicly available, or when agreed between the laboratory and the customer (e.g. for the purpose of responding to complaints), all other information is considered proprietary information and is regarded as confidential.
•    When SU IMC is required by law or authorized by contractual arrangements to release confidential information, the customer or individual concerned is, unless prohibited by law, notified of the information provided.
•    Information about the customer obtained from sources other than the customer (e.g. complainant, regulators) is confidential between the customer and SU IMC. The provider (source) of this information is confidential to SU IMC and is not shared with the customer, unless agreed by the source.
•    Personnel, including any committee members, contractors, personnel of external bodies, or individuals acting on SU IMC's behalf, keep confidential all information obtained or created during the performance of SU IMC activities, except as required by law.
•    In order to ensure the confidentiality of the information, SU IMC obtains a commitment from its top management, employees, contractor employees and related stakeholders. It is not possible to enter the laboratories without permission and accompaniment. If you request to witness the test / production service you have purchased, you must make an appointment with the Customer Relations Department and sign the "EYK10 Stakeholder Statement of Confidentiality".