SU¦IMC Innovation Centers

Composite Technologies Center of Excellence (CTCE)

  • CTCE was established with the collaboration of Kordsa and Sabancı University as one of the most important research and technology development centers globally in composite materials.
  • Producing thermoset prepregs, fabrics, and sandwich panels for the aviation, automotive, energy, sports equipment and medical industries, Kordsa boasts a wider product range and more flexible production capabilities thanks to the strength it gains from weaving its own fabric.
  • CTCE develops innovative and unique intermediate products and applications in composite technologies for a variety of industries, notably aviation and automotive as well as sports equipment, wind turbines and marine.
  • CTCE combines industry and academia under the same roof. Researchers, designers, engineers, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members and entrepreneurs will co-exist in this ecosystem and get benefit from the interaction.
  • Serves stakeholders by creating solutions depending on the customer's requirements,
  • Covers all stages of the product development cycle including R&D, prototyping, commercialization and mass production.

Digital Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center (DMIC)

  • DMIC was established with the collaboration of TWI Ltd and Sabanci University IMC.

  • It aims to engage with the wider innovation community to develop a research portfolio, comprising new collaborative projects that will deepen digital manufacturing technologies and result in novel products, systems and services.

  • Research and development focus on;

  • Advanced composites and related materials,

  • Additive manufacturing of metals and composites,

  • Manufacturing of prototype parts as certified, functional parts.

  • High value-added integrated production technologies,

  • Process and product development.