Production of forward osmosis membrane used for e.g. waste water treatment, involves sulfonating polysulfone polymer, producing nanofiber support membrane layer, and coating nanofiber support membrane layer surface with polyamide film

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Use of polymeric film comprising halloysite nanotubes as packaging material for food products

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New polycarboxylate ether-based additive useful as flow modifier in suspensions

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Use of polycarboxylate ether-based polymeric mixture in cement suspensions including calcium aluminate cements

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Self-healing system for longitudinal nano or microstructures has hardener which reacts with epoxy resin when first layer and second layer of first and second type of nano or microstructures are ruptured from mechanical damage

Assignee: UNIV SABANCI Patent Numbers: TR201407024-A Derwent Primary Accession Number: 2016-33313S Inventor(s): OZGUZ V, PAPILA M, YILDIZ M

Electrospinning composition used in electrospun nanostructure, comprises catalyst, phthalic anhydride as crosslinking agent and functionalized polymer or copolymer having epoxy rings, and has preset molar ratio of epoxy and anhydride

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Self-healing system of nano/microstructures used in e.g. textile applications, comprises longitudinal nano/microstructures having outer surface, core containing epoxy resin and hardener, and polymeric layers with high stiffness

Assignee: UNIV SABANCI Patent Numbers: US2015360408-A1 Derwent Primary Accession Number: 2015-80920H Inventor(s): MENCELOGLU Y Z, OKAN B S, YILDIZ M

Producing spin finish material, comprises synthesizing active component, heating polymer, adding initiator and catalyst e.g. tin 2-ethylhexanoate, preparing improving material, and adding improving material to active componentProducing spin finish material, comprises synthesizing active component, heating polymer, adding initiator and catalyst e.g. tin 2-ethylhexanoate, preparing improving material, and adding improving material to active component

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Synthesizing an organosilyl quaternary amine product, comprises preparing a two-component composition comprising precursor materials, where the process is terminated at a product conversion corresponding to a desired yield

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Preparation of biodegradable thermoplastic nanocomposite granules by adjusting pH of solution of natural polymer and solvent to acidic, adding natural clay, melt blending natural polymer-clay nanocomposite precipitate with synthetic polymer

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Synthesis of catalytic material particle-containing carbon nanofibers, e.g. for filtration devices, comprises electrospinning certain polymer solution and performing heat treatment of polymer fibers in two heating stages

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