Research Areas

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Design and Analysis:


Advanced Materials for Aerospace Applications, Thermomechanical Stress and Fracture Analysis:

  • Functionally graded materials (FGMS): metal to ceramic graded bulk materials

  • Polymeric graded materials (PGMs): parametric analysis of inclined edge cracks with J-integral, and computational methods with ANSYS APDL

2D and 3D woven composite materials

  • Composite sample production with vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)

  • Voxel (single-part) and geometric (multi-part) FEA modelling of 3D woven composite unit cells

  • Graphene integration in resin systems

 Applied Mechanics, Design, Analysis and Optimization:

Computational Mechanics (CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM/PLM), Continuum-Solid Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Crashworthiness, Airworthiness,

Simulation-Based Engineering Science, Structural Impact, Crashworthiness, Automotive Regulations (UNECER, FMVSS-Type Certification),

Structural Design Optimization, Elasticity-Plasticity, Aviation Regulations (EASA, FAA-Type Certification), Multi-Objective/Disciplinary Optimization,

Experimental Mechanics, Topology Optimization, Contact Mechanics, Validation & Verification, Meshfree-Meshless Methods ,

Fracture - Failure Mechanics, Lightweight Vehicle - Automobile Design, Penetration Mechanics, Train-Railway Crashworthiness,

Terminal Ballistics, Blast-Explosion Protection, Roadside Hardware Design and Evaluation, Ductility-Metal Forming, High Speed Stereoscopic Photography, 

Plastics/Ceramics, Digital Image Processing & Correlation, Biomechanics, Composite-Hybrid Materials, Digital Photogrammetry,

Multi-body Dynamics, Survivability-Vulnerability-Lethality, Isogeometric Analysis, Multi-scale Modeling, Modeling Anthropomorphic Test Devices



Polymer synthesis, characterization and structure-property relationships, polyurethane chemistry, surface coatings, adhesives, structural composites, polymeric nanocomposites, carbon nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, materials for energy storage and conversion.


 Graphene and Nanocomposites:

Graphene, nanocomposites, self-healing polymers, hybrid nanomaterial production, electrospinning, development of compounds,  design of electodes for energy storage devices


Functional Polymers:

Preparation and structure-property relationship of functional/water-soluble/high performance polymers,

Preparation and application of nano-engineered prepregs and composite materials with the utilization of novel resins and nanomaterials,

Out-of-autoclave (OOA) manufacturing of composite materials,

Preparation and utilization of new catalysts and catalyst systems for composite materials,

Development of novel nanomedicines (advanced drug delivery systems, targeted drug delivery, nanodiagnostics, and nanotheranostics),


Additive Manufacturing:

Computational geometry and optimization for additive manufacturing process; heterogenous, multi-functional object modeling and manufacturing; proses planning and development for hybrid additive-subtractive processes; nano-micro additive manufacturing of composite materials.



Machining and Multi-Axis Manufacturing:

Modelling of machining operations, machine tool dynamics, virtual machining, 5-axis programming, robotic machining, vibration control and modelling of abrasive waterjet cutting (AWJ).

Geometry, Mechanics, Simulation and Optimization of multi-axis manufacturing processes. Machine tool dynamics, modeling of metal cutting Dynamics. Portable manufacturing, use of industrial robots in manufacturing processes. Integration/interfacing of process models with CAD/CAM systems. Programming of AFP Robots.