Research Areas

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Design and Analysis:



Advanced Materials for Aerospace Applications, Thermomechanical Stress and Fracture Analysis:

  • Functionally graded materials (FGMS): metal to ceramic graded bulk materials,
  • Polymeric graded materials (PGMs): parametric analysis of inclined edge cracks with J-integral, and computational methods with ANSYS APDL 2D and 3D woven composite materials,
  • Composite sample production with vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM),
  • Voxel (single-part) and geometric (multi-part) FEA modelling of 3D woven composite unit cells,
  • Graphene integration in resin systems.

 Applied Mechanics, Design, Analysis and Optimization:

  • Computational Mechanics (CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM/PLM), Continuum-Solid Mechanics, Finite Element Analysis, Crashworthiness, Airworthiness,
  • Simulation-Based Engineering Science, Structural Impact, Crashworthiness, Automotive Regulations (UNECER, FMVSS-Type Certification),
  • Structural Design Optimization, Elasticity-Plasticity, Aviation Regulations (EASA, FAA-Type Certification), Multi-Objective/Disciplinary Optimization,
  • Experimental Mechanics, Topology Optimization, Contact Mechanics, Validation & Verification, Meshfree-Meshless Methods ,
  • Fracture - Failure Mechanics, Lightweight Vehicle - Automobile Design, Penetration Mechanics, Train-Railway Crashworthiness,
  • Terminal Ballistics, Blast-Explosion Protection, Roadside Hardware Design and Evaluation, Ductility-Metal Forming, High Speed Stereoscopic Photography, 
  • Plastics/Ceramics, Digital Image Processing & Correlation, Biomechanics, Composite-Hybrid Materials, Digital Photogrammetry,
  • Multi-body Dynamics, Survivability-Vulnerability-Lethality, Isogeometric Analysis, Multi-scale Modeling, Modeling Anthropomorphic Test Devices


Polymer synthesis, characterization and structure-property relationships, polyurethane chemistry, surface coatings, adhesives, structural composites, polymeric nanocomposites, carbon nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, materials for energy storage and conversion.


 Graphene and Nanocomposites:

Graphene, nanocomposites, self-healing polymers, hybrid nanomaterial production, electrospinning, development of compounds,  design of electodes for energy storage devices

 Functional Polymers:

  • Preparation and structure-property relationship of functional/water-soluble/high performance polymers,
  • Preparation and application of nano-engineered prepregs and composite materials with the utilization of novel resins and nanomaterials,
  • Out-of-autoclave (OOA) manufacturing of composite materials,
  • Preparation and utilization of new catalysts and catalyst systems for composite materials,
  • Development of novel nanomedicines (advanced drug delivery systems, targeted drug delivery, nanodiagnostics, and nanotheranostics),


Additive Manufacturing:

Computational geometry and optimization for additive manufacturing process; heterogenous, multi-functional object modeling and manufacturing; proses planning and development for hybrid additive-subtractive processes; nano-micro additive manufacturing of composite materials.



Machining and Multi-Axis Manufacturing:

  • Modelling of machining operations, machine tool dynamics, virtual machining, 5-axis programming, robotic machining, vibration control and modelling of abrasive waterjet cutting (AWJ).
  • Geometry, Mechanics, Simulation and Optimization of multi-axis manufacturing processes. Machine tool dynamics, modeling of metal cutting Dynamics. Portable manufacturing, use of industrial robots in manufacturing processes. Integration/interfacing of process models with CAD/CAM systems. Programming of AFP Robots.