• Self-healing fibers and composites

  • Graphene reinforced high performance thermoplastic and epoxy composites

  • Out-of-autoclave manufacturing of Thermoset composite materials

  • Catalyst and curing systems for composite materials

  • Out-of-Autoclave Manufacturing of Thermoplastic Composite Aerospace Structures

  • Automated Repair Patch Production for Composites

  • Modeling and Optimization of Out-of-autoclave Process for Carbon Prepreg Laminates

  • Design and Manufacturing for Crashworthiness and Lightweighting

  • Nano-engineered prepregs and composite materials

Additive Manufacturing

  • Computational Design, Optimization and Process simulations

  • Design for lattice structures and micro-architectures

  • Path planning for scanning and deposition

  • Design for multi-functional structures

  • Design and analysis of nano-particle/nano-fiber reinforced structures

  • Topology Optimization

  • Hybrid Processes development

  • Material development and secondary processes for Electron Beam Melting

  • Robotic-based large scale Additive Manufacturing

  • Nano-micro Additive Manufacuring

  • Additive Manufacturing of composite materials

Robotic and Digital Manufacturing

  • Design and manufacturing methods for AFP applications

  • Advanced Robotic Polymer Composite Manufacturing

  • Robotic Based Composite Parts Machining

Functional Polymers

  • Design and synthesis of graphene and hybrid additives for various applications

  • Structure-property relationship in functional/water-soluble/high performance polymers

  • Recycling of polymers-polymer composites

  • Large-scale thermoset and thermoplastic composite adhesion systems

  • Functional Nanomaterial Synthesis and Applications