Advanced Composites Design and Health Monitoring

  • Design Optimization and Lightening of the Steel Chassis Connection Part by Using Innovative Manufacturing Techniques of Thermoplastic Carbon Composites

  • Development and Experimental Verification of Real Time Shape Sensing and Damage Detection Algorithms for Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures

  • Investigation of the Movements of Floating Bodies under Severe Waves by Particle Methods

  • Development of Numerical Method for Residual Stress Calculation Post Plastic Deformation by Using Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method and Automotive Application

  • Structural Health Monitoring of Composite and Sandwich Structures by Combining Peridynamics and iFEM Methodology: Theoretical Modeling, Numerical Analysis and Experimental Verification

  • Numerical Modeling and Experimental Verification of Fiber and Resin Hybridization Effect in 3D Orthogonal Woven Polymeric Composite Materials

  • Composite Leaf Spring Design, Manufacturing and Validations

Advanced Composites Manufacturing

  • Design and Experimental Validation of Automated Fiber Placement Process of Thermoplastic Aerospace Composite Structures

  • Composite Rocket Capsule Manufacturing

  • Design and manufacturing processes of flexible sensor components for monitoring ambient conditions

  • Monitoring of Micro-Damage Formation/Accumulation of Fiber Reinforced Polymers with Different Stacking Arrays and Carbon Fiber Types Using Hybrid Methods

  • Integrated Modeling and Optimization of Non-Autoclave Processes for Carbon Prepreg Laminates: The Relationship of Pressure, Temperature and Compression with Time

Additive Design and Manufacturing

  • Electron Beam Melting Process Development and Material Characterization

  • Development and experimental validation of innovative topology optimization algorithms for Additive Manufacturing Technologies supported by numerical models

  • Design and Manufacturing of jet engine parts

Robotic and Digital Manufacturing

  • DiCoMI - Directional Composites through Manufacturing Innovation

  • Development of Position Tracking and Vibration Damping Systems Along Toolpath for Robotic Machining Processes

  • Development of Design, Production, Quality Control Methods with Automated Fiber Placement Method for Aerospace Applications and Verifications

  • Application and Optimization of Atmospheric Plasma Activation Method In Sequential and Robotized Large Scale Thermoplastic Composite Bonding Systems

Functional Polymers

  • Polyoxazoline-amine based thermally latent curing agents for one-component epoxy resins and prepregs

  • Innovate new approach to recycling end-of-life polypropylene products back into virgin quality polypropylene using solvent-based technology - ISOPREP

  • Advanced materials and processes to improve performance and cost-efficiency of Shallow Geothermal systems and Underground Thermal Storage — GEOCOND

  • Development of Self-Healing Water Based Polyurethane Emulsions and Their Use in Anti Corrosion Paint Formulations

Functional Nano Materials

  • Graphene cOmposites FOR advanced drinking WATER treatment (GO-FOR-WATER)

  • Nano-Doped Prepreg Material Development

  • Innovative Asymmetric Cyclopolymer (CP) and Cyclopolymer Thin Film Composite (CP-TFC) Membranes and Modified/Integrated Polyamide Thin Film Composite (mPA-TFC) Membranes in Water Treatment

  • Development of Graphene/Talc Hybrid Additive from Plastic Wastes with Upward Recycling Technique and Its Use in the Production of Light and Robust Prototype Interior and Exterior Trim Parts in the Automotive Sector as a Reinforcer