Polymer Processing


Polymer Processing

Polymer Processing Laboratory offers the development of thermoplastic polymer compound formulations, masterbatch preparation, and improved manufacturing processes. This lab is equipped with a twin-screw extruder with the capacities of 500 g up to 20 kg, a high shear compounding machine, an injection molding, a film blowing system and two chemical reactors. SU-IMC can contribute to product design, material selection and prototypes production of thermoplastic materials through the creation of novel solutions. Various nanomaterials and inorganic fillers and optimization of the production process are targeted to provide weight reduction and higher performance. Our qualified team devotes to the improvement of structural, thermal and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers and producing advanced functional composites based on industrial needs.



Polymer processing lab offers the following equipment and machines for lab and pilot scale production:


1-      Ultra-high speed thermokinetic mixer (Gelimat)

2-      Twin screw extruder (cap:~20 kg/hour)

3-      Mini twin screw extruder (cap: ~800g/hour)

4-      Film blowing extruder

5-      Injection molding machine

6-      Viscometer

7-      Plastic granulator machine

8-      Precision balances

9-      Vertical mechanical mixers

10-   Magnetic stirrers

11-   Moisture/solids analyzer

12-   Heat mantle/controller

13-   Resin mixer

14-   Titrators

15-   Reactors


The capability and the capacity of the machines in the polymer processing lab miniaturize the complete production scheme of a plastic company and even it elaborates on raw material synthesis and modifications. Furthermore, various analysis on monomers and polymers can be performed by using viscometer and moisture/solids analyzer. In addition, production of test samples for further tests such as mechanical testing at UTM machines and DMA samples for thermo-mechanical characterization and other characterization of the kind is targeted. Pilot and lab scale extruders have 20 to 0.8 kg/hour production capacities, respectively.  The pilot-scale extruder has three feeders as well as a liquid feeding option whereas the lab scale has a feeder and a side feeder option. The pilot extruder has four gravimetric feeders, one of them being a liquid feed, options whereas mini extruder has volumetric feeders (a main and a side). Besides extruders, the high shear thermokinetic mixer is also another compounding machine available to the lab’s equipment list which can reach up to 315 °C under 30 seconds with an approximate max. rpm of 4000.


Reactors will mainly serve the customers in engineering plastics industry for novel monomer production, and to produce aviation thermoplastics such as PEEK, PEKK, PC, PEI, PA, and PPS.


Injection molding is used to produce test samples for mechanical testing such as tensile testing according to the ISO 527 standard and bending samples according to either ASTM D 4065 or D7028. The machine can be elevated to temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures up to 16 bar.




Polymer Processing Laboratory output include novel monomer synthesis, functionalized, developed and improved compounds, new formulated masterbatches, resins, coatings and improved manufacturing processes. Aeronautics, automotive, hygiene, packaging materials such as thermoplastic compounds, nanofillers, thermoplastic composites, packaging films etc.




Polymer process aims to serve engineering plastics sectors such as OEMs, consumer appliances, packaging, construction, medical, automotive, coatings as well as aviation industry by producing thermoplastic resins like PEEK, PEKK and synthesizing novel monomers.




      - Twin-Screw Extruder + Pelletizer

      - Gelimat

      - Mini Injection

      - Micro Film - Blowing Extruder

      - Titroline 7000

      - Titroline 7500 KF / TM 235 KF

      - Titronic 300

      - Plastic Chopping Machine

      - Viscometer

      - Precision Balance

      - Mini Extruder

      - Vertical Mixer

      - Magnetic Mixer

      - Moisture / Solid Analyzer

      - Heater

      - Resin Mixer (ROSS)