📅 11 Jul 2021, Sun 11:12 PM

Nanografen, a spin-off company of which Burcu Saner Okan from Sabancı University Integrated Manufacturing Research and Application Center (SU IMC) is the founding partner, has become entitled to support by EUREKA for its joint project. The coordinator of the Coreback-CFMTech project entitled “Development of New Generation PP Compound and Molding Technology for Chemical Foaming Process and Their Application to Automotive Internal Trim Parts” is Oyak Renault. Partners of the project in Turkey are Nanografen, Farplas and Karel Kalıp, and in Spain the partners are Repsol, a global plastic materials company, and AITIIP Technology Center.The main priorities of the project are to increase the amount of recyclable materials used in vehicles, and to decrease the rate of additives in compounds to decrease impact on the environment. Thanks to the technology to be developed with this project, vehicles will be lighter, leading to decreased energy costs (shortened production cycle). A contribution will be made to the cyclical economy: domestic industry will be developed and technology transfer will be made. At the end of this 3-year project, the related technology is planned to be productized with OEM support.Burcu Saner Okan said the following about the importance of the project: “Nanografen is the only company in the world transforming the carbon black obtained from the pyrolysis of waste tires to graphene and carrying our production at the pilot level. Nanographene technology has opened the way for the use of graphene in commodity products. This project will help the use of graphene in engineered plastics in the automotive sector; thus, a new market will be born.”