Robotic Based Manufacturing


Industrial robots have been currently used for automated fibre placement, machining and waterjet type of manufacturing processes for composites manufacturing. In this course, the interaction between industrial robots with machining, waterjet cutting and automated fibre placement type processes will be discussed.

The course will cover, kinematics of industrial robotics, requirements of mechanical and waterjet machining processes and automated fibre placement, the characteristics of tool paths generated to sustain such processes.

You will benefit from Sabancı University’s industrial links and research strengths and you will have access to labs and facilities in SU IMC.


The course consists of theoretical components as well as applications. Teaching is provided through lectures, exercise classes, and laboratory work.

You will study to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the principles and techniques of composite manufacturing using prepreg materials.

Course Modules

  • Mechanics and Dynamics of Milling
  • Fundamentals of Waterjet Cutting
  • Automated Fibre Placement Process Basics
  • Tool Path Generation in free-form Shape Manufacturing
  • Kinematics of Serial Arm Robots
  • Control Basics of Serial Arm Robots
  • Potential Process Monitoring Techniques
  • Experiments:

Learning Outcomes

This course will help you to understand the robotic based manufacturing processes and flaws that may arise.

This course can provide you with a strong foundation for moving into a relevant industry, improve your employability, or be the basis for further study through the pursuit of a career in research.