Introduction to Polymers & Fiber Reinforcement Components


In this course you will learn basic information about polymers and fiber reinforcmenet components, thermoset and thermoplastic polymer types.

You'll learn more about the equipment, the processes and their application.

You will benefit from Sabancı University’s industrial links and research strengths and you will have access to the labs and facilities in SU IMC.


The course consists of theoretical components as well as applications. Teaching is provided through lectures, exercise classes, and laboratory work.

Course Modules

Introduction, basic concepts and definitions, classification of polymers;

  • Classification of Polymers and Polymerization Reactions

  • Nomenclature of Polymers
  • Post polymerizations and Block/Graft copolymer syntheses
  • Linear, Branched and Crosslinked Polymers
  • Molecular Weight, Physical State / Morphology
  • Polymer additives and reinforcement
  • Compounding
  • Functional polymers
will be discussed and a working knowledge of polymer chemistry will be provided by laboratory experiments.

Learning Outcomes

This course will help you to understand the polymers and their applications as well as their characterizations.

This course can provide you with a strong foundation for moving into a relevant industry, improve your employability, or be the basis for further study through the pursuit of a career in research.