Introduction to Composite Materials and Applications


This course will give you a better understanding of the fundamentals of composites and impove your knowledge.

This is a fundamental level course where we’ll introduce you to the basics of composites, their composition and how they’re manufactured. You’ll reinforce your knowledge as you get hands-on with some materials and make your own part.

You will benefit from Sabancı University’s industrial links and research strengths and you will have access to labs and facilities in SU IMC.


The course consists of theoretical components as well as applications. Teaching is provided through lectures, exercise classes, and laboratory work.

You will study to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the principles and techniques of composite manufacturing using prepreg materials.

Course Modules

  • Defining the Composites and application areas
  • The benefits of composites to manufacture components
  • Basic Design Parameters with Composites: Fibre orientation / Stacking Sequence / Layup
  • The properties of fibers and resins
  • Polymers, different types of resin system and reinforcements
  • Room and elevated temperature resin systems
  • Thermoset and Thermoplastics
  • Manufacturing methods and processes
  • Material and Mechanical Characterizations

Learning Outcomes

This course will help you to understand the requirements for composites, manufacturing methods, information about constituents and their characterization.