Composite Design Principles - Part 2


This course is planned for those who are interested in the design and analysis of composite materials for the development of efficient lightweight structures. The course would be suitable for experienced engineers and designers to gain knowledge of the mechanics of composite materials and the analysis methods and procedures about composite structures.

This course enables Design Engineers to start practically applying their knowledge to example case-studies. During this course, we’ll demonstrate the link between design, manufacturing and materials. You’ll begin to consider more complex techniques and issues surrounding composites design. You will study to gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the principles and techniques of composite design and applications.

You will benefit from Sabancı University’s industrial links and research strengths and you will have access to the labs and facilities in SU IMC.


The course consists of theoretical components as well as applications. Teaching is provided through lectures, exercise classes, and laboratory work.

Course Modules

  • Design guidelines and basic material models
  • Buckling in composite plates, beams and pressure vessels
  • Calculating critical buckling loads for composite panels
  • Design optimization
  • Failure Analysis of Composite Structures

Learning Outcomes

This course will help you to understand the requirements for detailed mechanics of composite materials and to gain experience of the design and analysis methods and procedures about actual composite structural elements.

This course can provide you with a strong foundation for moving into a relevant industry, improve your employability, or be the basis for further study through the pursuit of a career in research.