Wet Chemistry Services

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Resin Flow  ASTM D3531 
Determination of Ash Content GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer)EN 2331 
Determination of Ash and Void ContentComposite ASTM D3171 

Determination of Ash Content

Composite ASTM D2584 
Determination of Ash ContentPlastic ASTM D2584 
Ash RatioPrepreg ASTM D3529 
Moisture AbsorptionComposite EN 3615 
Water Absorption in CompositesComposite70oCEN 2378 
Furnace Utilization Max 1100oC  
Stove Utilization Max 300oC  
Density ImmersionEN 1183-A 
Density  ASTM D792 
Volatility  ASTM D3530 
Water Absorption 23oCEN 2378 
Sample Preparation 

Cold Molding, Grinding and Polishing