Prof.Dr. Metin Yerebakan

Professor Dr. Metin Yerebakan was born in 1949 in Rize, Ardeşen. He graduated from ITU in 1973 as a material engineer, and entered the business world as Assistant Project Evaluation Specialist at the State Planning Organization. He took part in the establishment of 9 Eylul University and completed his doctorate there. He worked at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, as a researcher and visiting scientist and as a faculty member in the Department of Materials Engineering. Returning to Turkey, he became General Manager at Turkish Wagon Industry. Prof. Dr. Metin Yerebakan Acted as the Rector, Vice Dean, Head of Department and retired in 1999. He still continues his activities as a faculty member at Yalova University. Dr Yerebakan advised and served the Ministry of Transport, the Prime Ministry and the Defense Industry Presidency. DHM, Roketsan and EURASIASAT Board memberships; is one of our bureaucrats equipped with administrative, industrial, academic and entrepreneurial skills.

He is currently the chairman of Teknopark Istanbul.

The Chairman of Teknopark Istanbul