Mechanical Test and Structural Health Monitoring

Service Name

(Test / Manufacturing Activity)

Sample Material Type


(Conditions, Exceptions, Tool, etc)

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Availability of Laboratory

Accreditation / Quality


Tensile Test           Composite  ASTM D3039 
  ASTM D3518 
 ASTM D5766 
  EN 2747 
  EN 2561 
  EN 2597 
  EN 6031 
  ISO 527-5 
  ISO 14129 
Plastics  ISO 527-1 x
  ISO 527-2 x
  ISO 527-3 x
  ISO 527-4 x
  ASTM D638 
Metal  ASTM E8 / E8M 
  ISO 6892-1 x
Flexure and ILSS Test        Composite and Plastics  ASTM D790 
  ASTM D7264 
  EN 2562 
  ISO 14125 
  EN 2563 
  ASTM D2344 
  EN 2377 
  ISO 178 
  ISO 14130 
Compression Test
Composite and Plastics
  ASTM D3410 
  ASTM D6641 
  ISO 14126 
  EN 2850 
  ASTM D6484 
  ISO 604 
  ASTM D695 
  ASTM D1621 
 Metal  ASTM E9 
Sandwich and Construction TestsCore and Facing  ASTM C273 
  ASTM C393 
  ASTM C365 
  ASTM C297 
  ASTM D1781 
  ASTM D7249 
Shear and Peel Tests


  ASTM D1002 
  ASTM D3165 
  ASTM D5868 
  ASTM D1876 
  ASTM D1623 
  ASTM D1876-08 
Shear TestsFRP  ASTM D5379 
  ASTM D7078 
Fracture Toughness TestsComposites  EN 6033 
  EN 6034 
  ASTM D5528 
  ASTM D7905 
C.A.I and Impact TestsFRP  EN 6038 
  ASTM D7136 / 7136M 
Fatigue TestsFRP  ASTM D3479 
  ISO 13003 
Moisture Absorption TestsFRP  EN 3615 
  ASTM D5229 
Pendulum TestsPlastics and FRP  ISO 179 
  ISO 180 
Non Destructive Tests Thermography  
  Acoustic Emission  
  Data Acquisition Units  
High- Low Temperature TestsPlastics, FRP and Metals Between -150 oC and 500 oC  
Strain Measurement System Tests Clip-On Extansometers  
 Video Extansometer  
 Digital Image Correlation System  
 Strain Gauges  
 Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors