Gökhan İnan

Currently, he is working at SU IMC as Mechanical Testing and Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory Leader.

 Gökhan İnan graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey in 2005. His professional career started in Tetra Technological Systems Ltd. Sti. in Ankara, and worked there between years 2008-2017 as a service engineer.  He continued his career in INSTRON Co.Inc. as Senior Service Engineer and worked there for about 5 years, which had been one of his most important professional experience. Besides INSTRON devices, he also had the opportunity to serve a variety of devices which are used in different disciplines and scientific fields, so that he gained a multi-disciplinary infrastructure.

 To this date, he gained different expertise on plastics, textiles, metals, composites, medical and defense sectors through his various works both in the industrial and academic area.

Gökhan İNAN

Mechanical Testing and Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory Leader

Phone: +90-216-300 1310

e-mail: ginan@sabanciuniv.edu

Area: Test Engineer, Calibration, Validation, Electrical-Electronics, International Mechanical Test Standards,