Process Definition and Capability Development


Process Definition and Capability Development



Sabancı University - Integrated Manufacturing Center(SU-IMC) supplies comprehensive engineering design capability, encompassing real life service conditions for composite end products. The Process Definition and Capability Development (PD&CD) team at the SU-IMC is composed of specialist who are responsible of development of complete composite structural parts in the sense of styling of composite parts, mechanical analysis and manufacturing and manufacturing process. Experts who have strong background all along analysis and integration of composite parts with structural articles serves for creation of intended final products and bringing know-how information and criteria to achieve and reliable designs for existing and quality-proved top-level products.



The Part Styling group serves for reasonable plan of basic components offers a prerequisite examination and proposes that is going to be enhanced, advanced and elective composite outlines. Strategies and procedures for easy and sound assembly configuration of the whole structure are improved with structural integrity concerns. Utilizing this innovation, the SU-IMC optimizes part geometry and the heaviness of composites structures, as a result this unique approach provides elite and aggressive outlines.


The Structural Analysis group proficiently plays out all parts of auxiliary recreation. Our specialists consolidate a long time of expert involvement with an expansive scope of mechanical review programming for pertinent divisions for all building. The SU-IMC likewise offers item streamlining administrations to guarantee all outline criteria are met before advancing to the assembling stage, bringing about cost and time investment funds in later creation.


The Part Manufacturing Prosses Modelling group centers around virtual assembling to guarantee all segments fabricated at the SU-IMC, are fit for satisfying high quality expectations. Utilizing precise reproductions, the group can approve outlines and anticipate material conduct all through the composite assembling stages. Utilizing virtual assembling, prototyping expenses and material wastage are diminished considerably guaranteed by process exactness and repeatability.




  • Defining algorithm of design process
  • Determination of best fit design methods that offer an efficient solution process
  • Quantifying overall behavior of entire composite structure by appropriate numerical tools
  • Definition of process flow in manufacturing path according to analysis results of end products




  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • Marine
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Defense industries
  • Energy