Composite Molding


Composite Molding

Advanced composite part manufacturing requires advanced molds. Novel manufacturing technology allows us to develop and manufacture high quality molds for the production of advanced composite parts.


Composite Molding Cell has the capability to design and manufacture in-house RTM molds equipped with various sensors such as in mold pressure sensor (IMPS), thermocouple and fiber bragg grating (FBG) for process monitoring. The molds can be from metal or composite.


Patterns/models can be made with tool blocks machined by our Robotic Cell in order to prepare for mold making. Prepregs can be cured in an oven, a hot press or in the autoclave.


With our ZÜND G3-L3200 Digital CNC Cutter, we are able to cut various materials that are used in the manufacturing of composite materials. Dry fibers such as glass, carbon and aramid can be cut almost in every shape with its decagonal rotary knife. Prepregs can also be cut almost in every shape with its drag knife. With the pneumatic oscillating knife, we can cut sandwich core such as Nomex™ honeycomb and foam for the manufacturing of composite sandwich panels. The powerful automatic quick change router can route cured composite panels. With the drawing module, we are able to plot technical drawings or write text on various materials.




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The composite molding laboratory aims to serve the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Railway, Sport/Leisure and Wind Energy sectors in their need for composite manufacturing technology.





The composite molding cell has the following equipment:


ASC Autoclave

Internal Clear Working Length: 3 m

Internal Clear Working Diameter: 1.5 m

Max. Operating Pressure: 20 Bar

Max. Operating Temperature: 400 °C

Pressurizing Media: Nitrogen/Air


ZUND Digital Cutter

Workable area: 1800x3200 mm

Workable maximum height: 60 mm

Repeatability ± 0,03 mm

Position accuracy ± 0,1 mm/m



Oven in various sizes and temperature ranges for processing of thermoset and thermoplastic composites.


DVP Vacuum pumps

Heavy-duty vacuum pumps from DVP for vacuum-bagging processes.

Models: RC.8D and LC.60.


RTM Molds & Heat Tables

In-house manufactured heat tables and RTM molds with dimensions ranging from 60x60 cm to 1.5x1.5 m.

Temperature range: Up to 180 °C


Hot Press

MSE Teknoloji

Platen dimensions: 500 x 500 mm

Maximum temperature: 300 °C

Maximum force: 50 tonnes



Platen dimensions: 1200 x 1200 mm

Maximum temperature: 350 °C

Maximum force: 600 tonnes