Ertan Acar

Currently, he works at the SU-IMC as Advanced Composite Manufacturing Laboratory Leader.

Ertan Acar received his B.Sc. degree on…..(pls. write the year of your graduation)in Aeronautical Engineering, INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences, Delft, The Netherlands . Meeting with composites is based on his years in Lightweight Structures, The Netherland where he gained his minor degree.

To this date, he gained different expertise in the processing, designing, manufacturing and testing of composite materials especially for the Aerospace Industry. Working in an R&D lab for many years, he had the opportunity to work with the thermoset and thermoplastic materials and developed novel manufacturing technology for composites. He also has a published scientific paper on this area.



Ertan ACAR

Advanced Composite Manufacturing Laboratory Leader

Tel : +90-216-300 1358


Area: Composite Part Manufacturing and Processing