Published on 22.08.2019 01:29

Title                : Multiphysical couplings in polymer and composite manufacturing processes

Speaker         : Dr.Arthur Levy

Time               : September 09, 2019, 13:30-14:30

Place              : Teknopark- CTCE-3rd floor-Seminar Room


The polymer and composite team at the Laboratoire de Thermique et Energie de Nantes is specialized in understanding, predicting and controlling multiphysical phenomena occurring in polymer and composite manufacturing processes. There is a strong and unique legacy in developing experimental benches for characterizing material properties under conditions close to the ones they experience in industrial manufacturing processes (rapid heating/cooling, high pressure, high gradients, etc.).
In order to optimize manufacturing processes there is a strong need for predictive modeling and simulations of physical phenomena occurring in polymer and composite forming. Besides numerical developments inherent to simulation tools, they also require material properties characterization.
In this talk I will focus on a thermo-compression forming process for thick thermoplastic composites parts. A modeling of the cooling phase inside the mould includes heat transfer and crystallization kinetics. The model calls for material properties that depend on both temperature and degree of crystallization. Specific equipment, including a flash DSC and the PVT-XT, allows for such characterization under conditions close to that of the process (fast cooling, high pressure). Once the material properties are determined, numerical resolution of the coupled thermo-kinetic equations is also a challenge. A finite element formulation with automatic remeshing at the solidification front was developed. Finally the predictive simulation tool can give be used to produce design charts of technological interest for the process designer.
Arthur completed his Ph.D. at École Centrale de Nantes in 2010 where he studied ultrasonic welding of high performance thermoplastics (PEEK). Following that, he worked for two years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for Composite Materials at University of Delaware where he worked on modeling and simulation of the Automated Tape Placement process. In 2012, he moved McGill University in Montreal, Canada to work as a post-doctoral researcher with Pascal Hubert. There, he studied several manufacturing processes for thermoplastic composites, as well as Out-of-autoclave thermoset process modeling. He returned to Nantes in 2014 where he is now a Professor at University of Nantes, working at the Nantes Laboratory for Energy and Thermal Science (LTeN). Today, most of his work focuses on thermoplastic adhesion (characterization, induction welding, 3D printing).