Sabancı University (SU) is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative and research-oriented universities in Turkey, established the Sabancı University Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Research and Application Center (SU IMC) in 2016.

SU IMC is the industrial scale research and technology development center that provides laboratory test, prototype manufacturing, design and simulation services, composite materials in the scope of research and development services, and design, manufacturing, assembly and process prototyping services in the area of manufacturing technologies, also, provides consultancy and training services to governmental organizations and industry corporations.

SU IMC was built with an investment of 35 M $ to provide facilities for both fundamental and applied research, product development, graduate and life-long education. It also acts as a center for incubation services as well as commercialization opportunities in composite manufacturing technologies. SU IMC has the capacity of employing 15 faculty members, more than 90 graduate and undergraduate students, and about 40 researchers, engineers and administrative staff.

SU IMC targets to be a global bridge between academia and industry with its best practices of university&industry cooperation. The first university&industry cooperation was already established in composite technologies field with the collaboration of SU IMC and Kordsa, with the name of "Composite Technologies Center of Excellence" (CTCE) which has been a pioneer in Turkey with its business model and one of the leading development center of composite technologies in the world. SU IMC aims to establish other cooperations in the global area with industry players from variety of areas, notably aviation, defense, automotive, marine, energy, textile, sports&medical equipments.