Integration of industrial robots with conventional and unconventional manufacturing processes leads the way to establish reconfigurableand cost-effective manufacturing systems enabling hybrid manufacturing concepts.

SU-IMC utilizes Robotic Machining and Additive Manufacturing cell for both composites and metals. SU-IMC aims to demonstrate the use of reconfigurable manufacturing systems to SMEs and OEMs together with their cost and performance benefits. SU-IMC investigates simulation, development and application of robotic machining processes together with robotic additive manufacturing encompassing both science and engineering aspects.

The robotic machining and additive manufacturing cell can process metals, plastic and thermoset composites, and metal matrix composites. The target industries are aerospace, automotive, sports equipment and yachting.

Robotics and Unconventional Manufacturing Laboratory focuses more specifically on modeling, simulation, control and machine vision aspects of manufacturing processes. To this end, robust and high performance controllers are being developed to increase the task accuracy and repeatability of industrial robots in machining and additive manufacturing processes.

Machine vision systems currently form an integral part of many machines and production lines, and provide greater flexibility and further automation opportunities. It is one of the key enabling technologies in manufacturing because of increasing demands on the quality control of developed products and in-situ monitoring of both conventional and unconventional manufacturing processes. It is concerned with both quality inspections and vision based closed-loop control, i.e. visual servoing, of industrial robots in various manufacturing processes.

One of the major research activities in the lab is UAVs where design, modeling, composite prototyping and real-time control of novel unmanned aerial platforms are being realized.

Contact Person: Dr. Mustafa Unel/Dr. L.Taner Tunc

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