Mechanical Testing and Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory provides an excellent capability of mechanical testing for broad range of materials from composites to metals according to international test standards provided by ASTM, DIN, EN and TSE by means of its state-of-the-art test machines and experienced staff in the field. The current capability of the laboratory is not only restricted by mechanical testing potential but also elaborated by the latest structural health monitoring technologies such as Digital Image Correlation (DIC), Thermography, Acoustic Emission systems and embeddable fiber Bragg grating applications on composite structures.

Electro-mechanic and hydro-mechanic machine groups are dedicated to meet industrial and research expectations. For example, mechanical tests can be

 performed between -150˚C and 500˚C provided by thermal conditioning chambers. In our mechanical testing park Instron Model 8803 Dynamic Testing System provides axial static loading up to 250kN while Model 8853 Servo enables applying axial static and torsional static loadings up to 250kN and 2kNm respectively. Dynamic testing of both flat and round specimens can also be performed in electro-hydraulic testing machines equipped by special gripping systems. As well as machinery infrastructure, our up-to-dated fixture library for mechanical tests enable us to carry out mostly needed mechanical tests in automotive and aerospace industry.

Another important testing capability in mechanical testing laboratory is Instron CEAST 9340 drop tower that can be used to measure energy absorbed of a sample in the range of 0.3 to 405 J or to apply a set amount of damage to a specimen at impact velocities from 0.77 to 4.65 m/s.


Mechanical endurance of materials is highly affected by aging which is controlled by temperature and humidity of the ambient. Real service conditions of structural materials in case of humidity and temperature changes between 10 and 95 % RH and -72˚C and 180˚C are simulated in Vötsch’s climate test camber without any mechanical effect.



  • Instron- 100 kN Universal Testing Machine
  • 250 kN Fatigue and Torsion equipment
  • 250 kN Fatigue equipment
  • Pendulum Impact Tester ( Izod / Charpy )
  • 100 kN Electromechanical Universal Test Machine
  • Drop Tower
  • Sample Preparation Machine
  • Conditioning chamber
  • Digital Image correlation
  • Acoustic emission
  • FBG Interrogator
  • Thermography
  • NI systems
  • Optic table


Contact Person: Dr. Murat Büyük / Dr. Mehmet Yıldız

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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