Autoclave Room

Autoclave molding is a modification of pressure-bag and vacuum-bag molding. This advanced composite process produces denser, void free moldings because higher heat and pressure are used for curing. It is widely used in the aerospace industry to fabricate high strength/weight ratio parts from preimpregnated high strength fibers for aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. Autoclaves are essentially heated pressure vessels usually equipped with vacuum systems into which the bagged lay-up on the mold is taken for the cure cycle.

Manufacturer: ASC Process Systems

Internal Clear Working Length : 3 m

Internal Clear Working Diameter : 1.5 m

Max. Operating Pressure : 20 Bar

Max. Operating Temperature : 400oC

Pressurizing Media : Nitrogen/Air

Sample of ASC Process Systems Autoclave

Fiber Cutting Room

With our ZÜND G3-L3200 Digital CNC Cutter, we are able to cut various materials that are used in the manufacturing of composite materials. Dry fibers such as glass, carbon and aramid can be cut almost in every shape with its decagonal rotary knife. Prepregs can also be cut almost in every shape with its drag knife. With the pneumatic oscillating knife, we can cut sandwich core such as Nomex™ honeycomb and foam for the manufacturing of composite sandwich panels. The powerful automatic quick change router can route cured composite panels. With the drawing module, we are able to plot technical drawings or write text on various materials.

Workable area: 1800x3200 mm

Workable maximum height: 60 mm

Repeatability ± 0,03 mm

Position accuracy ± 0,1 mm/m

Clean Room

Class 100.000 Clean Room is used for the stack up and vacuum bagging of prepreg material. This way it is prepared for curing in the oven or autoclave.

Laminating Room

In this room with several working tables, various projects can be carried out. Vacuum infusion can be performed for the manufacturing of composite materials in this room or tabbing of test coupons can be done here.


  • Digital Cutter

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